Amedia Corporation

Amedia Corporation

Amedia manufactures and distributes assistive tools and devices for seniors and people with disabilities, such as visual and hearing impairment.

Payment methods

For payments, we accept credit cards and bank transfers in USD and JPY.
Bank transfers should be made to Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (Ikebukuro Branch).

Provision of Digital Assistive Equipment

Amedia has provided assistive products, such as screen-reading and magnification software, braille embossers, braille displays and video magnifiers, as well as information, to people with visual impairment in Japan since its foundation in 1989.

We hold an exhibition called "Amedia Fair" every year, in which the major Japanese manufacturers of assistive products for the visually impaired take part.

Our products are also shown in many exhibitions all over Japan every year.

Import Business

Amedia searches all over the world for high-quality assistive products for seniors and people with disabilities and introduces them into the Japanese market.

We are always looking forward to finding new assistive products made in your country.

Export Business

Amedia hopes that seniors and people with disabilities all around the world can enrich their lives by using the high-quality assistive products available in Japan. In order to accomplish this, we look for dealers willing to import and distribute Japanese assistive products in their regions or countries. We appreciate any kind of reliable information in this respect.

Our Product Line

  • Canes
  • Personal sound amplifiers
  • Talking Watches & Clocks
  • Hearing aids
  • Video Magnifiers
  • Reading Machines
  • Bone Conduction Earphones
  • Screen Magnifiers
  • Screen Readers
  • Braille Displays
  • Braille Embossers
  • Daisy Players
  • Mobile Assistive Products
  • iPhone Applications
  • Other software packages

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